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Panama Relocation Services - Understanding Panama Visas

Panama is a country that openly welcomes visitors and makes their entry into the country extremely easy. All visitors to the country need a passport and further requirements are necessary based on the visitor's country of origin and reason for entering. Some of the Panama visas necessary for a stay in the country range from a short-term visa for visitors to retirement and investor visas that can eventually lead to services for a Panama relocation. These visas include:

  • Tourist visas
  • Temporary residence visas
  • Retiree visas
  • Investor visas (including both small business and reforestation visas)
  • Immigrant visas
Panama tourist visas

These are the easiest and most widely received visas. Required for residents of a large number of foreign countries (including the United States) the Panama tourist visa is issued at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City or at the border with Costa Rica. These visas cost $5 and are good for 90 days; once expired, a tourist must leave the country for at least three days and show sufficient financial means to if they desire to re-enter.

Temporary resident visas

There are several different temporary resident visas, all of which provide a short-term Panama relocation service. If you have close relatives living in Panama, you can take advantage of a short-term Panama moving service for a temporary resident visa. This Panama visa will give you the right to live in Panama while visiting with your family.

Another temporary resident visa is issued for people receiving medical treatment in Panama. A short-term Panama relocation service, this visa allows you a temporary resident visa that is good during you treatment. In addition to the visa that you receive, you will have to have a family member accompany you. (This person will also receive a temporary visa)

Foreign students can also obtain visas as a short-term Panama relocation service. These permits will be issued for one year but can be extended during the time that a student attends school in Panama

Retiree visas

Panama has proclaimed some advantageous retirement visas for retired overseas nationals. These include the Pensioners' Visa and the Private Income Retiree Visa. The former is a Panama visa for retired people who receive a pension from a Government entity or private corporation. The latter is issued to retired people who do not receive any fixed pension, instead live on private savings.

Investor visas

Special temporary resident visas are issued to foreign technicians and executives working with International firms operating in Panama. These visas are a short-term Panama moving service that gives a foreign national the right of temporary residence for one year. A Panama Visa issued to the technician can be renewed for consecutive periods of one year each time to a maximum of 5 years. A visa issued to Executives can also be renewed; however, the Law does not limit visa extensions.

You can also find a Panama Visa for outsiders involved in investing in Panama. Forestry Investor Visa (a long-term investment on reforestation) and the Small Business Investor Visa are two important Investors' Visas. Adherence to essential Panama Laws is basic to qualifying for these Panama Visas.

Immigrant visas

Panamanian nationality to foreigners are facilitated by Immigrant Visas only if you have a Panamanian as a spouse or have a least capital investment of US$ 40000 in Panama. You will have the right for tax and duty exemptions, thanks to Panama Visa for foreigners.

Services for moving to Panama

Panama has invested a great deal of though into accommodating foreigners who wish to relocate here. For those who meet the qualifications, a Panama visa can be easily obtained and the services can make moving to Panama a beautiful experience.

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