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Spanish Language Schools for Panama Expatriates

Living and Learning in the Same Place

Hola.... como estas.. me nombre es....let's face it; that high school Spanish course just didn't stick with you like you thought it would. Now that you are a Panama expatriate it is a good time to think about learning some Spanish for real, don't you think? The good news is that Spanish isn't a difficult language to learn (If you can read this, you have one of the tough ones already!), and since you are in Panama, foreign language training in a Spanish school is a Panama relocation service that you can provide for yourself.

Panama foreign language training

Central American countries like Mexico and Costa Rica receive much of the attention when it comes to Spanish language schools, training for a foreign language in Panama is increasing in popularity. With a tremendous influx of Panama expatriates, business people, and retirees, Panama's foreign language training continues to grow. For many years, Panama had a strong American influence and because of this, many Panamanians speak English; it is estimated that number is 14%. As more foreign retirees and business people enter the country, teaching Spanish almost becomes a relocation service in Panama.

Locating Spanish schools in Panama

You don't need to do more than a simple Google search on the computer to find an impressive number of Spanish language schools in Panama. These can be schools that offer online training, short-term instruction in Panama or high intensity, "instant immersion" education. While online classes are very helpful, there is nothing better for a Panama expatriate than immersing oneself in the culture of his or her new country. There are many foreign language schools in Panama that can help you do just that.

As mentioned before, many of the Spanish language schools in Panama offer courses in the country, whether for Panama expatriates trying to understand their new language, or residents of other countries simply wanting to learn Spanish. A few examples of the Spanish schools are:

Spanish Abroad, Inc.

Spanish Abroad, Inc.This school offers quality Spanish language programs and features small group and private courses. Students can stay with host families or in certain locations, in student residences. Included are many cultural activities and the opportunity to explore Panama by participating in excursions.

Spanish Panama

Spanish Panama This Spanish language school in Panama is Canadian owned has professional Spanish teachers. They offer flexible scheduling, home stays and airport pickup. This school offers learning Spanish with "on-site" practice near the campus as well as in class. "Crash" courses are available for short term visitors. Extracurricular activities include Latin dance classes, and excursions in Panama City, Old Panama, beaches, the Panama Canal and National Parks.

ILERI Spanish School

ILERI Spanish School Founded in 1994 and located in Panama City, this Spanish language school offers quality Spanish language programs with start dates all year long. Group classes as well as private classes are available. ILERI also has a wide array of cultural and weekend activities. Accommodations for the students are with local host families.

No matter which Spanish language school you choose, Panama foreign language training is the perfect place to start! With its combination of culture, history and fun, any student will be able to study for a short time in Panama and learn for a lifetime. ¡Bienvenido a Panamá! ¡Creo que tu vas a gozar aprendiendo español aquí! Buena suerte.

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