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Shop in Panama

If you are planning a trip to Panama come to shop in Panama. There are a lot of great deals in Panama especially if you shop around for deals on property, elective surgery, or almost anything in the Colon Free (Trade) Zone.

If you did not already know Panama is the last county in Central America before South America. It is the site of the Panama Canal and has a first world economy nestled in a tropical paradise. Panama has two gorgeous sea coasts and central highlands of great natural beauty.

Panama is also a place to come to shop and save on a variety of things.

Shop for Property in Panama

Property in Panama is less expensive than the USA, Europe or the islands of the Caribbean. Panama has great beach front property, lots in the interior in untouched nature, and real estate in Panama City with views of the Pacific and close access to upscale malls.

Although Panama property has gone up in price with the number of retiring North Americans here there are great deals to be had including the developing beach front properties in Colon Province. If you have an interest in property here contact us at ABPanama for help in shopping for your property in paradise.

Medical Tourism: Shop for a Surgical Procedure in Panama

Panama is already well known as a medical tourism destination. Not only can you come to Panama for a taste of the tropics but you can get North American quality health care and procedures at half the price.

The cost of most elective surgical procedures in Panama is less than half of what one pays in the USA. Many Panama physicians and surgeons are US trained and many of the hospitals in Panama City have state of the art equipment, training, and staff. You can fly to Panama, stay in a nice hotel, have your procedure done here in a first rate hospital and convalesce in a tropical paradise.

Shop at the Colon Free Zone in Panama

Colon, Panama is the site of the second largest duty free zone in the world next to Hong Kong. Colon is only 50 miles from Panama City which will become less than an hour commute when the new interoceanic highway is completed.

Importers at the Colon Free Zone receive and sell everything from container-sized shipments to individual items duty free. Foreign tourists in Panama need only show their passport to gain entry and shop in this Colon, Panama duty free zone.

As tariff barriers fall, especially in Latin America the Colon Free Zone has also had to compete on the basis of efficiency and speed of transit as well as prices regardless of tariffs.

This is great news for North Americans who shop in Panama and benefit from better overall pricing as well as getting things duty free.

The Colon Free Zone has more than 250,000 visitors a year to the 1,751 companies operating on the premises. As of 2005 the Colon Free Zone  did six and a half billion USD in trade. At the Colon Free Zone you can buy virtually any type of electronic appliance, pharmaceuticals, furniture and the usual duty items (cigarettes and liquor).

Whatever you might be shopping for in Panama it is typically cheaper than elsewhere. If you have questions, especially about shopping for property in Panama contact ABPanama. We have over 23 years experience managing real estate portfolios and do business throughout the country.

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