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There is Property for Sale in the Panama Caribbean for You

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Panama property has risen in price the last few years but is still cheap compared to the US, Europe, and the Caribbean islands. This is especially true of much property for sale in the Caribbean on the coast of Panama. From Colon City, on the Caribbean end of the Panama Canal, up to Bocas del Toro on the Costa Rican border there is Caribbean real estate at great prices. There many types of property for sale in the Panama Caribbean with great potential to multiply in value in the next few years.

What Kinds of Property for Sale in the Caribbean in Panama

Bocas del Toro Province, Panama is home to the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. This cluster of islands provides many opportunities for investment as well as many parcels of beach front Panama property at reasonable prices. There are beach front lots in Bocas del Toro for $40,000 as well as beach front Caribbean real estate for $250,000 and up depending upon lot size and amenities. One can still purchase an entire island property for sale in the Bocas del Toro Caribbean for $2,000,000. With the continuing flood of Americans and others purchasing Caribbean real estate second homes and retiring to Panama the value of current property for sale in the Caribbean in Bocas del Toro, Panama will only go up.

Veraguas Province has two sea coasts. The Caribbean side is rather remote but beautiful. For those with a desire to really get away there is property for sale in the Caribbean on the Caribbean coast of Veraguas Province. Only a few hours from a major airport but a world apart, Veraguas Province, Panama property for sale in the Caribbean here has not gone up in price as much as other areas on the coast. Caribbean real estate in Veraguas is unspoiled. Property for sale in the Caribbean in Veraguas Province is likely appreciate nicely as access improves with Panama's continuing road projects and more areas are developed. Now might just be the right time to buy Panama property in Veraguas.

The coast of Colon Province is also unspoiled and, until recently, fairly hard to get to, although sailors have enjoyed the view for years. Maybe you are looking for a place to walk sandy beaches or joint those fortunate souls sailing the clear waters of the Caribbean off the coast of Colon Province. Look into property for sale in the Caribbean in Colon Province, Panama. Coastal areas like Costa Abajo are just opening up as new roads link them to Colon City. There are many large parcels of property for sale here in the Caribbean ranging from several hundred thousand to two million dollars. These tracts of Panama property range from 45 acres up to eight square miles, all with beach frontage. There are already marinas and hotels going up. This area is set to grow and appreciate. It has been a long time coming for this Caribbean real estate considering that the historic city of Porto Bello on this coast was founded by Columbus in 1502. The province is named for Columbus by the way; Colon is his name in the Hispanic world.

The last to mention and likely the first to benefit from road improvement is Colon City. Property for sale in the Caribbean in Colon is due to appreciate when the new main road from Panama City reduced the drive to under an hour. Panama property around Colon is under priced and due to go up. This is the site of the Colon Duty Free Zone; send only to Hong Kong in size. There is still beach front property in the city and Panama commercial property at excellent prices. Look into Caribbean real estate for sale in Colon. Invest and watch your property grow in value while you practice walking those sandy beaches.

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