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Eye Surgery in Panama

Every year thousands of people from all walks of life go in for treatment for their eyes. Among a host of issues regarding the eye some of the common problems are cataract, poor vision or blurred vision, or just about any other infection that affect the human eye. Apart from coughing up huge medical bills eye surgery is a delicate procedure and requires excellent post operative care. After all, the eyes they say, are the windows to the heart!

However in Panama one does not have to worry about running up huge medical bills and you can still expect the best treatment and medical services on par with the United States or Canada. Panamanian doctors are board certified, very well spoken in English and will treat you to the kind of service usually reserved for celebrities.

With prices sky rocketing even for a simple cataract surgery, it becomes a struggle to choose between good medical treatment and services and taking care of your daily bills. Especially for a retiree who is dependant on his pension or the little savings even a small medical treatment or simple eye surgery may mean a big dip in the savings.

Please go through our sample packages and order a personal quotation specific to your needs here

To give you a heads up, here is a comparative chart of prices for any eye surgery or treatment: (All figures are approximate)

Cataract Surgery
COST IN PANAMA - $2500.00
COST IN US - $5000.00 - $6000.00

Glaucoma Surgery
COST IN PANAMA - $2000.00
COST IN US - $5000.00 - $6000.00

Blefaroplastic Surgery
COST IN PANAMA - $2500.00
COST IN US - $6000.00

Refractive Surgery
COST IN PANAMA - $2000.00
COST IN US - $5000.00

Refractive Surgery with Intraocular Implants
COST IN PANAMA - $2500.00
COST IN US - $5000.00 - $6000.00

Eye Surgery and conditions briefly explained below:

Cataract surgery: Removing the affected lens (with cataract) and replacing it with an artificial lens also called an intraocular lens (IOL). An IOL lens is a clear plastic lens that becomes a permanent part of the eye. If both the eyes have cataract the surgery is performed on the eyes one at a time.

Glaucoma Surgery: Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that involves an increased elevation of pressure to the eyes caused due to retention of excess fluid in the eyes. Glaucoma is a non reversible condition; however with surgery the intraocular pressure can be reduced. The treatment can be though surgery or medication depending on the severity of the condition.

Blefaroplastic Surgery: Surgery which is performed on the eyelids and treats wrinkles, bags and sagging skin is called blefaroplastic surgery. The procedure involves repositioning or removing of the tissues and supporting the muscles by making tiny incisions on the natural creases of the upper or lower eyelids.

Refractive Surgery: Refractive eye surgery is performed to improve the refractive state of the eye and to reduce the dependency on contact lenses or glasses. Using laser technology the cornea can be reshaped. Refractive surgery helps in reducing common vision defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Refractive Surgery with Intraocular Implants: This surgery is usually performed on people who have severe sight problems and also on those who wish to do away with glasses or contact lenses. Not only is the cornea reshaped but intraocular implants are also used to correct the vision.

Our doctors specialize in bringing you the best medical services and Panama’s best health professionals for all or any of your medical and cosmetic needs, including eye surgery.

When it comes to eye surgery or treatment the best medical service, medication and procedures is a must, because vision is a precious gift. While most of the western countries have advanced medical facilities and expertise available the main emphasis is not on the patient, but on the cost of the treatment and the per hour charges. Simple consultations can cost you almost $100 dollars and more often than not, the attending physician is not really interested in fully listening to you.

If you decide to get treated in Panama not only do you get the same expert treatment and services but you are attended by physicians who take time to understand your particular needs. They are attentive and are genuinely concerned for your health. In this fast paced world, Panamanian doctors still make house calls! Now where was the last time you heard that?

You can choose to get treated at a hospital or you can select a physician with a private practice. In any case you will be assured the best medical treatment that money can buy. From diagnosis to educating you on your particular condition, to treatment and after care Panamanian Doctors are trained to offer you the best.

Please contact us for more information about our health packages to Panama, or for more information about booking an appointment for eye surgery in Panama.

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