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Sora - Panama Real Estate that is really "Cool"

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Not everyone wants to live at the beach; some people are seeking a cool, tranquil Panama location in the mountains. If you don't know Panama, you might think that is an impossibility; most people know about the beautiful tropical weather in Panama, filling the beaches with suntanned tourists. The fact is that the "other" Panama weather is really cool; once you reach the dormant volcanic chain that forms the spine of the country, the climate changes. If you are looking for a mountain real estate in Panama, the place to look is the village of Sora.

The "other" Panama Weather

For those who love a tropical climate, look no further than the lowlands of Panama. Highs average in the upper 80's and you can journey to the beach virtually every day. If you are looking for the "other" Panama weather, a one-hour drive out of west of the Panama Canal will lead you to Panamanian town of Sora. With average temperatures in the low 70's, this mountain village has the moderate weather that many people seek; the beauty of this weather is that this Panama location also has a view of Pacific Ocean!

Perfect Panama Weather with Amenities

You might think that such a location in Panama could only be found in the middle of nowhere. The beauty of Sora is that your investment in the mountains is conveniently located to everything else you might want. All of the amenities of daily life exist in Panamanian town of Sora; electricity, telephone, Internet and satellite TV. There are shops, basic medical care and restaurants close by.

For the days that you feel like participating in the other Panama weather, a twenty minute drive will take you to a beautiful beach in Gorgona or Punta Chame. If it all sounds too good to be true, you haven't visited Sora.

Living in Sora

This Panamanian town and the development with the same name are located one hour from Panama City. Because of its location, there are no earthquakes, floods, crime, hurricanes, tornados and thanks to the Panamanian government, no taxes as well. Because of the presence of the village, the development of Sora feels more like a small town itself.

Benefits of an Investment Mountain Home

Sora is the beneficiary of the perfect Panama location; an investment mountain home here sits among the dormant volcanoes that run down the center of the Republic of Panama. Although these volcanoes are no longer active, they create the incredible view and rich soil that makes literally everything grow here. Panama is home to thousands of species of plants and flowers and most grow very easily here. The area is also a perfect haven for an abundance of wildlife, including untold hundreds of different types of birds.

Mountain Investment Options

As with all of the mountain areas near Panama City, Sora will continue to increase in value as people continue to search investment property in the mountains. Recent efforts have been made to improve the road between Sora and Bejuco, improving property values as well as the route to the Interamerican Highway. This area is a likely target for mountain investment as has been demonstrated by current developments.

Sora is an excellent mountain investment; beautiful Panama weather, the ideal Panama location and access to a large number of activities and amenities. As people continue to search for the "other" Panama weather, areas such as this will continue to increase in value, making an investment in this Panama town even smarter than before.

The Central American country of Panama boasts of great islands, pristine beaches, a great tropical climate year-round and lush rainforests. Visitors who travel to Panama and retire in Panama can get a feel of how it is to have a peaceful existence in such wonderful environment, whether your location is Panama's cities or islands. Taboga Island is a perfect example of just such a place.

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