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Panama Locations

Panama Beaches Panama Locations Panama Property Beachfront

When tourists visit the cities and towns of Panama, they are often surprised to learn all that the country has to offer. While most people are familiar with Panama City, other Panama locations such as David, Col�n, Bocas del Toro and San Blas are only now becoming familiar names in the world of international tourism.

The map of Panama is alive with interesting destinations and Panama cities and towns all offer interesting things to do and see. As the country continues to explode onto the international tourism scene, these and other Panama locations will continue to gain notoriety.

Panama Cities

While the metropolitan area of Panama City dominates any discussion of cities in Panama, there are other cities that are worth noting such as David, Col�n and Santiago. These cities all have populations of 70,000 or more and are blessed with interesting attractions, such as the Free Trade Zone in Col�n and Volc�n Bar� near David. These attractions are among the most popular destinations of Panama tourists and great sources of national pride.

Panama towns

While the many Panama towns are not known specifically as tourist destinations, many are know for the events they hold. Portobello is known for its Black Christ Festival, Boquete for its Orchid Festival and El Valle for being the home of the Panamanian Golden Frog. Many towns throughout the country are proud of their heritage and willing to share it with each tourist that comes to visit.

Panama Locations mean Attractions for Tourists

Panama is a country filled with interesting activities and attractions. No matter what your interest is, you can find something you will like in Panama. From world-class surfing in Bocas del Toro to Carnival en Dolega, there is an abundance of things to do and see in many Panama locations.

Coiba Island - One of the Wonderful Tropical Panama Locations to Visit

Among the thousands of islands to visit in the Central American country of Panama, Coiba is as wondrous as the other, more popularly known islands among the Panamanian towns and locations to visit. More

Finding Beachfront Real Estate in Coronado and Punta Barco

Everyone seems to be seeking a Panama location in the sun. Whether you talk about citizens or those coming for a Panama vacation, people are leaving the city and the mountains and coming to the beach, and the beaches many people are finding are in the Panamanian towns of Coronado and Punta Barco. Both of these Panama locations feature beautiful beachfront real estate and numerous amenities. Because of the interest, Coronado and Punta Barco are no longer simply Panama vacation spots but they have become home to serious investment opportunities in beachfront real estate. More

Gorgona - The Perfect Location for a Pacific Vacation

Gorgona has a Panama location along the strip of small Pacific coastal cities that dot the map of Panama along the Interamerican Highway as it winds westward out of Panama City. This area is located approximately 10 minutes away from the better known Panama town of Coronado, a fact that works to the advantage of Gorgona. Being so close to the amenities and activities of these other areas, Gorgona can simply concentrate on being a peaceful, enjoyable beach. More

Free Trade Zone In Colon Panama Fetching Fortunes

Panama's economy has witnessed a major growth in the recent past, thanks to the establishment of free trade zones in the country. In fact, it is the free trade zones like the one in Colon, Panama, that has earned the country the epithet of a lucrative place to invest. More

The Panama Town of Nombre de Dios - A Heavenly Panama Location for Investment Property

Fifteen miles east of the city of Portobello is the Panamanian town of Nombre de Dios, which means the "Name of God" in Spanish. Traveling from Spain on his fourth and final voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus founded Nombre de Dios in 1502. The journey had not gone well, the ships had sailed through rough weather and the crew was tired and scared by the time they reached the location of these Panama shores. Apparently Columbus shared this opinion because he is said to have told his crew, "In the name of God we will go no further." As history records, this promise of Columbus to his crew became the name given to this location in Panama. More

Along the Map of Panama - Atlantic Property of Colon and More

Heading toward the East from Panama City will lead the traveler to the Caribbean Sea and Panama's Atlantic coast cities. Here it is possible to find Panama locations that are nearly untouched by time, Atlantic property on the map of Panama that has remained nearly the same since the Spanish colonial days. Panama towns like Colon, Portobello, Costa Abajo, Gatun Lake, La Guaira and Santa Rita are beautiful examples of the kind of property you can find just a short distance from Panama City. More

Panama City - The New Miami

Not many people saw this coming back when power was being wrested from Manuel Noriega back in 1989; what was then a sleepy Panamanian town would explode into a true international city. Panama City has done that and more. Not only does this Panama location attract the rich and famous to visit and enjoy, it has become a haven for corporations and those interested in investing and banking in a place determined to protect their identities. Panama City is all of this and more. More

Popular travel destinations in Panama

While the country of Panama is known for locations such as the famous Panama Canal and the San Blas Islands, these are three Panama cities are popular Panama destinations that fall under the must see category.

-Be amazed at the colonial majesty of Panama City.
-Snorkel, surf, or watch dolphins in Bocas del Toro.
-Enjoy some of the best coffee in the world and trek through rainforests at Boquete. More

Cruising the Towns of Panama Panama's Pacific Coast - Chorrera, Loma Alta, La Pintada, Coronado and Punta Charme

In the 1950's, many people in the United States cruised along Route 66, the famous highway between Chicago and Los Angeles. The route was dotted with small towns and adventures along the way. The same is true today along the Interamerican Highway leading along the Pacific towns outside of Panama City. Beachfront communities dot the map of Panama locations: Chorrera, Capira, Bejuco, Loma Alta, La Pintada, Coronado and Punta Charme each offer an appealing slice of Panamanian life as well as excellent investment opportunities. More

Panama Real Estate in Coronado

Tourism and real estate are two industries that are linked. This is due to a number of different reasons. The isthmus linking Central and South America serves as a prime example of this phenomenon. When tourism in a particular country is good, there is inevitably a swing upward in the real estate sector as well. This is to say, a country that people enjoy visiting often becomes a country people enjoy living in. More

Mountain Property in Penonome - Panama Real Estate at its Finest

Penonome is one of the last treasures in Panama to be discovered. The capital city of the province of Cocl�, this Panama location possesses amazing mountain views, beautiful flowing rivers and crisp, clean mountain air. This Panamanian town is an important part of the country's agricultural business sectors; it is home to farms, ranches and orchards. More

Portobello - The Panama City Where Beauty and History Meet

With its sparkling waters and spectacular history, the Panama location along the coast of the country is like the crown of the country... and if this region truly is the crown, then Portobello is the crown jewel of Panamanian cities. This town has much to offer those who are looking to find their beachfront investment opportunity. More

Panama Tourism - Province of Panama Revisited

The Republic of Panama is a Central American country which has more than a thousand and one wonders to offer for tourists. These locations include the Panama Canal, the world-class beaches and the national parks scattered throughout the Panamanian cities and islands of this tropical country. The treasures located in each Panama province make the country a wonderful place to visit. More

The Panama Towns of Punta Chame and Taborcillo Island

Hollywood is always looking for a beautiful beach for the next big movie. In the case of Taborcillo Island, Hollywood found that beach when frequent Panama visitor, John Wayne, bought the island. Though the Duke is gone, Taborcillo Island and Punta Chame still have a starring role, forming the next hot Panamanian towns for investment. More

Sora - Panama Real Estate that is really "Cool"

Not everyone wants to live at the beach; some people are seeking a cool, tranquil Panama location in the mountains. If you don't know Panama, you might think that is an impossibility; most people know about the beautiful tropical weather in Panama, filling the beaches with suntanned tourists. The fact is that the "other" Panama weather is really cool; once you reach the dormant volcanic chain that forms the spine of the country, the climate changes. If you are looking for a mountain real estate in Panama, the place to look is the village of Sora. More

Taboga, Panama: The Isle of Flowers in Central America

The Central American country of Panama boasts of great islands, pristine beaches, a great tropical climate year-round and lush rainforests. Visitors who travel to Panama and retire in Panama can get a feel of how it is to have a peaceful existence in such wonderful environment, whether your location is Panama's cities or islands. Taboga Island is a perfect example of just such a place. More

El Valle de Anton - A Panamanian Picture of Beauty

The Panamanian city of El Valle de Anton, which is also known as Crater Valley or simply El Valle, is hardly a secret to anyone. This Panama location has been a vacation retreat for Panamanians for many years and recently, it has become a haven for Panama tourists and for those that seek investment property as well. Located less than two hours from Panama City, El Valle offers picturesque views, stunning waterfalls, immaculate gardens, hot springs and even the famed golden frogs. More

Panama Beach Front Property, Fishing, Scuba Diving, and Surfing in Paradise

Come to Panama for the most beautiful, interesting, and exciting beach front property you can imagine. With two sea coasts Panama has real estate opportunities for you. Try surfing, sport fishing, or scuba diving, for example, on Veraguas Province's coast. More

Boquete, Panama Real Estate, escape to the highlands of Chiriqui Province

Boquete, Panama real estate in Chiriqui Province is some of the most scenic and sought after property in the country of Panama. Located in the Chiriqui highlands, Boquete escapes the coastal heat and humidity but remains a tropical paradise. More

Caribbean Beach Front Property, Tropical Islands in Panama

Panama has excellent choices of Caribbean beach front property. From Bocas del Toro down to Colon there are real estate opportunities waiting for you. More

Find Your Condo in Panama. From Vistas of the Pacific to Secluded Locations in the Old Canal Zone Panama Has Great Condos for You

Panama has condos on the Pacific in Panama City and in great neighborhoods throughout the city and suburbs. Prices vary according to living space and amenities but are very competitive. Panama is a great place to buy and condo and a great place to live. More

Caribbean Commercial Real Estate, Investment on the Caribbean Coast of Panama

Caribbean commercial property is a great investment in Panama. There are excellent opportunities available in Colon Province as well as Colon City. With Panama's economy booming Caribbean commercial property is expected to appreciate for years to come. More

Caribbean Island Real Estate in Panama

Come to Panama for the best choices in Caribbean island real estate. Panama is a prosperous, democratic country where English is commonly spoken. Retire here to a secluded island and watch the value of your property go up year by year. More

Oceanfront Real Estate on Panama's Caribbean Coast

Panama has inexpensive oceanfront real estate on its Caribbean coast. As previously inaccessible areas of coastline are linked to Colon City property values are expected to multiply in years to come. More

Caribbean Property for Sale in Panama, Preserved Natural Beauty and First World Economy

There are great properties at great prices in the Panama Caribbean. From Bocas del Toro to Colon City. Take advantage of Panama's easy residency requirements and retire to your Caribbean property in paradise. More

Caribbean Property Sales are Booming in Panama and for Good Reasons

Why are Caribbean property sales booming in Panama? The real estate market in Panama, including the Caribbean coast, has been appreciating for about ten years. More

Caribbean Real Estate in Panama, Paradise with No Hurricanes and Tax Breaks to Boot

The Panama Caribbean is a tropical paradise without the risk of hurricanes common to the rest of the Caribbean. Also, unlike other parts of Central American Panama has never had an earthquake. There are lots of real estate opportunities and the prices are low. More

Caribbean Real Estate for Sale in Panama

Caribbean real estate for sale in Panama is a good bet. Panama has a stable, democratic government and the country is prosperous. Residency is easy to obtain and property values are going up. More

How is the view of the Pacific from the 30th floor? Try it from a condo in Panama City

Panama has a wide range of condos. Try a 30th floor view of the Pacific or a condo in one of Panama's attractive upscale neighborhoods where you can walk in midday shade to a fine restaurant of your choice. More

Caribbean Real Estate Investment in Panama

Invest in Caribbean real estate in Panama and watch the value of your property multiply. Panama's economy is strong and there are still great deals to be had. Colon and Colon Province especially are attractive as previously hard to reach areas are connected by road to Colon City. More

Cerro Azul, Blue Mountain real estate in Panama, a few miles from Panama City

Cerro Azul, or Blue Mountain, is Panama real estate only minutes from Tocumen International Airport and less than an hour from Panama City. The air is cooler and dryer than on the coast and the views are breathtaking. More

Luxury Caribbean Real Estate in Panama

Panama has excellent luxury real estate on its Caribbean coast and islands. In Bocas del Toro there are luxurious individual properties and developments. There are also lots remaining for you to build your own home to your own tastes. More

Property in Panama is Still Lower Priced than Real Estate in the United States, Europe, or the Caribbean Outside of Panama; Come to Panama Where Property Will Grow in Value

Panama has some of the most choice property in the world. Prices still beat the USA and as Panama grows and prospers expect Panama property to appreciate yearly. With Panama's thriving economy investment property is very attractive. Come to Panama, invest in your future here. More

El Valle, Panama Real Estate

A picturesque spot in Panama is el Valle. This mountain town only two hours by car from Panama City is in the "land of eternal spring" of the tropical highlands. This area is popular with tourists. Buy here and enjoy this tropical paradise every day. More

Vacation Real Estate on the Caribbean Coast of Panama

Looking for vacation real estate in the Caribbean? Come to the Caribbean coast of Panama. Prices are very competitive and there is lots of property left. There are great deals on the Caribbean coast of Panama. More

Vacation Property in Panama

Panama has a whole range of wonderful vacation property from Caribbean island hideaways to condos in exciting Panama City. The weather is gorgeous and you will never need to reschedule your vacation during hurricane season. More

Vacation Property on the Caribbean Coast and Islands of Panama

Panama is a great place for Caribbean vacation property. The scenery is gorgeous and panama property in general is a good investment. From Bocas del Toro to Colon there are excellent properties and even better prices. More

Looking for a Place to Live in Panama? Try Panama Canal Real Estate for Quiet Comfort and Beauty

Panama Canal real estate is a bargain and close to Panama City. This property is close to nature too. As part of the old US Canal Zone the is much undisturbed rain forest and backyard visitors (interesting animals) are common. This is a great place to relax close to the amenities of the city. More

Panama Property: the Best Investment in Real Estate

Panama property is still a bargain. Panama property will keep increasing in value as Panama's economy grows. Aside from property bargains Panama is a great place to live. Residency is easy as many American retirees have discovered. More

Come to Panama City, Panama for the Best Mix of Real Estate Value and Quality of Living

As many Americans have retired to Panama in the last ten years many have come to Panama City. The combination of great weather, a stable economy, steady real estate appreciation, and easy residency have made Panama City real estate difficult to resist. More

Come to Panama for the Best of Central American Real Estate

Panama has become the premier retirement destination in the world. Panama Central American real estate is priced low compared to the USA and Panama's growth and prosperity will help to make your real estate investment grow every year. More

Come to Chiriqui Province, Panama for Great Real Estate Buys

Panama real estate in Chiriqui, Panama is well priced. The highlands of Chiriqui help you avoid the heat and humidity of the coast and enjoy world famous scenery. Come to Chiriqui for some of the best real estate deals in Panama. More

Panama City Condos; Some of the Best Property in Panama City, Panama

Condos in Panama City are available at an attractive range of prices. Pre-construction prices are especially attractive. Come and buy a condo in Panama City and enjoy the excitement of the Latin American city on the Pacific Ocean. More

Cheap Caribbean Real Estate? Try Panama's Colon Province

There is still cheap Caribbean real estate in Panama. Colon and Colon Province are examples of places to find great real estate at great prices in Panama. Real estate values are expected to multiply as Panama's wave of growth extends to the Caribbean coast around Colon. More

Panama City Commercial Real Estate a Continuing Opportunity

Panama City commercial real estate is a continuing opportunity. Panama's economy is booming and prices are still reasonable. US investment here is the largest per capita in Latin America. Come and look at commercial real estate in Panama. More

Buying real estate in the Country of Panama, Still the Best of Opportunities

Real estate in the country of Panama is less expensive than comparable US property and likely to grow in value while US property loses value. Panama is growing on a wave of foreign investment. Come to the beautiful tropical country for a second home or take advantage of easy residency and retire here. More

Buy Property in the Caribbean; Come to Panama for Paradise Free From Hurricanes

If you want to buy Caribbean property, buy it in Panama. The weather is still tropical but we don't have major hurricanes or earthquakes. Panama is a safe, democratic country that uses the dollar as it paper currency. More

Buying Real Estate in Panama; Useful Information and a Caution or Two

Foreigners can buy property in Panama but should consult a competent realtor such as ABPanama. The best choice is titled property and the advice of a competent Panama attorney for anything else. More

Colon City, Panama real estate

Panama real estate around Colon is likely to appreciate for years to come. This part of Panama is relatively undeveloped. As road improvements take place previously difficult to reach areas are becoming very accessible and thus very attractive. Property values are expected to multiply in the years ahead around Colon. More

Buy Property in Panama City, Panama and Enjoy Living in Paradise

Panama City property is very attractive as an investment. Panama City property is safe from hurricanes and earthquakes. Panama city property is a great place to live as Panama grows and prospers. Come to Panama where the dollar is the paper currency and English is commonly spoken. More

Real Estate in David, Panama, the highlands in Chiriqui Province

Real estate in David, Panama is low priced and a great place to live. David is in the Chiriqui highlands giving you less heat and humidity than the coast and David is on the Inter-American highway making it easy to reach Panama City. More

Panama Real Estate, Beach Front Property and Mountain Hideaways at Low Prices

Whether you are looking for beach front property or a mountain hideaway Panama has real estate for you. Come look at the beautiful locations and see the reasonable prices. From Panama City condos to a mountain view in Volcan come check out real estate in Panama. More

For Sale: Property in Panama, From the Caribbean Coast to Panama City There Are Still Great Deals

Property for sale in Panama is still a bargain if you are just looking at price. Look at potential and property for sale in Panama looks even better. Panama is growing and you can expect your property to increase in value as the years pass. More

A lesson for investors. Do your homework and continue to do your homework.

Anam approved the construction of a cement plant in the community of Chorrera this January. The community is up in arms because of the apparent "fast tracking" of an environmental impact statement that cost six million dollars. Local residents are up in arms. A construction company with plans for a housing project is caught by surprise. More

Panama Property for Sale at Better Prices than the USA, Europe, or Other Parts of the Caribbean

Property for sale in Panama beats the US, Europe and other parts of the Caribbean on price. Panama also beats most places in the world as a great place to live. Panama is prosperous, democratic, and residency is easy to come by. Come Panama and look at that property for sale. More

Investment Property in Panama - Panama City, the Interior, Caribbean Islands and Colon Province

Look at Panama investment property. From Panama City to the Caribbean there are excellent investment opportunities. Colon is a great example of growth waiting to happen. Come and look today and watch the value of your Panama property investment grow. More

Titled Property vs. Right of Possession in Panama

Ask ABPanama about the different types of property ownership and Panama and avoid the pitfalls of buying property in a foreign country. The best bet is to only purchase titled property and ask ABPanama for a referral to a competent attorney if you are looking at "right of possession" property. More

Rent a Condo in Panama City, Panama, a Tropical Paradise

There are great Panama City condos for rent. Look at condos on the Pacific and in the great upscale neighborhoods of Paitilla, San Francisco, or el Dorado. ABPanama will help you find the condo rental of your dreams. More

Caribbean Real Estate Listings in Panama

Ask ABPanama to help with real estate listings in Panama. We can show you property throughout Panama, pointing out the best deals and the pitfalls. There are many excellent properties available. More

Caribbean Real Estate Sales in Panama

Caribbean real estate sales in Panama continue at a steady pace. Second home buyers and retirees moving to Panama are taking advantage of Panama's easy residency and lenient tax laws. Panama is growing and your property is likely to appreciate for years to come. More

Check the AB Panama Web Site for Caribbean Real Estate in Panama

ABPanama's web site will lead you to Caribbean real estate bargains and help you avoid the pitfalls of buying property in a foreign country. We can show you may real estate opportunities and help you pick the best one for you. More

Looking for Property in an Ideal Tropical Location? There is a Panama Real Estate Listing Just for You

Look at Panama real estate listing for the ideal property in the tropics or anywhere. Panama is a great place to live and a great place to invest. The economy is growing and property values are expected to increase for years to come. More

Caribbean Beach Front Property, Tropical Islands in Panama

Find your Caribbean beach front property in Panama. Panama has many ways to enjoy paradise. Caribbean beach front property in Panama includes the magical tropical islands and mainland of Bocas del Toro as well as the isolated Caribbean coast and islands of Veraguas for the adventerous. If you prefer living in or close a city chose Colon Province with its white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. More

Caterpillar to Open Heavy Equipment Operator Training Center in Panama

The world's largest heavy equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, has purchased land in Veracruz on the Pacific coast of Panama for a training center. Caterpillar already has a presence in Panama and intends to develop a full complex of logistics and distribution, corporate regional offices, and apprenticeship training programs for heavy equipment operators. More

Plan Puebla Panam� (PPP); Integration of Regional Roads, Telecommunications and More for Regional Prosperity

An integrated plan for economic development is taking place from Mexico to Colombia including all of Central America. Plan Puebla Panam� intends to improve and integrate infrastructure such as highways, electric grids, telecommunications and much more to promote economic development and regional prosperity. More

Interoceanic Highway; Route to Development and Prosperity on Panama's Caribbean Coast

Work continues on the new highway between Panama's major cities, Panama City and Colon. The interoceanic highway is expected to stimulate growth and development along the entire highway but especially around Colon and the adjacent Caribbean Coast. More

Cinta Costera, Panama's Green Strip Along the Pacific

Panama City is improving Avenida Balboa, the main street along the Bay of Panama, and adding plazas and green areas. The extensive project is underway with an expected completion in 2009. Discussion continues as to the amount of green space versa concrete plaza but property values along the coast have soared with the promise of a nicer promenade as well as alleviation of current traffic congestion along Balboa. More

Comarcas, the Autonomous Regions of Panama

Panama has five autonomous regions, "comarcas" in Spanish. The indigenous peoples of these areas run their own governments with little interference from the Panama central government. The areas promote tourism but do not sell their property to outsiders. More

Panama and Eco Tourism; First World Economy, Preservation of Nature and Culture

Panama offers numerous opportunities for eco tourism. From the semi autonomous indigenous comarcas, to large areas of the central mountains and coastline, to the National Parks Panama has large areas of unspoiled terrain to explore, enjoy, and preserve. Come to Panama for the eco tourism opportunities of a lifetime. More

Panama Law 8; Incentives for Investment in Eco Tourism in Panama

Panama Law 8 provides for monetary incentives to start and to run tourist-related businesses in the Republic of Panama. These incentives include multi-year exemptions from import taxes, real estate taxes on land and improvements, taxes relating to use of airports or docks built by the investor, and exemption from income taxes on investment profits. More

Pedasi, Panama

Located in Panama's Azuero Peninsula, Pedasi is a relatively undeveloped location in Panama's development boom. Pedasi has good roads and lighting largely due to a former Panama president who came from there. A large number of beaches and proximity to excellent fishing only serve to increase the attractiveness of Pedasi property for living or real estate investment. More

Taboga Island, Panama

Just twelve miles off shore from Panama City, Panama is the beautiful island of Taboga. Taboga Island, Panama dates back to the times of the conquistadors. Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru had a home on Taboga in the 1500's. The first European to set foot on the island was Vasco Nunez de Balboa who was the first Spaniard to see the Pacific Ocean in 1513. Today the "island of flowers" is a great day trip just an hour by ferry from Panama City. More

The Panama Pacific

The Panama Pacific coast has activities and property for everyone. Come to the Panama Pacific coast for world class sport fishing from the Gulf of Chiriqui to the Pearl Islands. Some of the best surfing on the entire Pacific coast of the Americas is in Veraguas Province. If you want to scuba dive among an incredible variety of marine life come to Coiba National Park on the Panama Pacific coast. Panama City is a first world city in the tropics on the Panama Pacific coast. More

Gamboa, Panama Where Pristine Nature Prospers Half an Hour from a Modern Shopping Mall

Gamboa, Panama is a small town on the Panama Canal where the Chagres River joins the canal. Although Gamboa, Panama is surrounded by pristine rain forest famous for its variety of wildlife including exotic tropical birds. From Gamboa, Panama it is less than an hour's drive to downtown Panama City. The Albrook Mall where you will think you are in North America is about half an hour away. Property in this sleepy town is fairly priced amid a beautiful natural setting. More

The Panama Pacific: Some of the World's Best Fishing Real Estate

The second largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific is home to Coiba National Park and an extensive variety of sport fish and other sea creatures. Come to Coiba National Park for the scuba diving of your dreams. Come to the waters around Coiba for some of the world's best sport fishing. Come to the Panama Pacific for some of the world's best fishing real estate. More

The Amphibian Ark and Preservation of Panama Frogs

The Amphibian Ark is a world wide program in which multiple species of amphibians (including frogs) that would otherwise go extinct will be maintained in captivity until they can be secured in the wild. Naturalists believe that without immediate captive management as a stopgap component of an integrated conservation effort, hundreds of species could become extinct. This program is especially pertinent for Panama as a frog-killing fungus has just passed south of the Panama Canal on its way to South America. More

The Darien, Tropical Rain Forest a Few Kilometers from a First World City

The Darien is a large area of sparsely populated tropical forest on the Panama border with Colombia. It is home to Darien National Park, reachable for Panama City by airplane to El Real. The park was named a Biosphere for Humanity by UNESCO in 1981. More

Panama National Library

Panama's national library was founded in 1942 and has been at its current five story building in Parque Omar in San Francisco, Panama City, Panama since 1987. The library is the base library for all of Panama and has a primarily Spanish collection of books although other languages are represented. The Biblioteca Nacional Panam� (with the accent over the a) or BINAL has an on line card catalog on its web site. More

More Panama Playa: Beaches in Paradise

If you are looking for beaches in a tropical paradise come to Panama. Panama has playas or beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean. Panama beaches have access to world class sport fishing, scuba diving, and surfing. Panama also has wide stretches of white sand for strolling and getting your feet wet in the gentle surf. For a vacation getaway or a home in paradise a Panama playa is waiting for you. More


Panama is the narrowest point in the Americas where the Panama Canal connects Atlantic and Pacific. This tropical country has untouched rain forest and pristine beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Panama also has a first world infrastructure with the best roads, airports, ports, and telecommunications in Latin America. Panama is currently enjoying an economic boom fueled by foreign investment. More

Changes on the Bay of Panama

The Cinta Costera project is nearing completion on the Bay of Panama. The project to treat all of Panama's sewage before it reaches the bay in well underway. The long term goal of letting today's youngsters swim in the Bay of Panama like their great grandparents did is in sight. All of this is happening at the same time that condos on the Bay of Panama are coming back down in price. More

Colombia-Panama Power Grid and More

There is more to the proposed power line connection between Colombia and Panama than initially reported. The eventual plan is for a power grid connecting Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. More

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