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Along the Map of Panama - Atlantic Property of Colon and More

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Heading toward the East from Panama City will lead the traveler to the Caribbean Sea and Panama's Atlantic coast cities. Here it is possible to find Panama locations that are nearly untouched by time, Atlantic property on the map of Panama that has remained nearly the same since the Spanish colonial days. Panama towns like Colon, Portobello, Costa Abajo, Gatun Lake, La Guaira and Santa Rita are beautiful examples of the kind of property you can find just a short distance from Panama City.


Colon is the second largest Panamanian city and is situated at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. Colon is located about 50 miles northeast of Panama City and the commute by car takes about 1 hour.

Colon is the location of Panama's own Free Trade Zone; this is the second largest free trade zone in the world, following only Hong Kong. The Atlantic property of the Colon Free Trade Zone offers companies within its borders exemption from tax on all imports and exports. This business development effort by the Panamanian government has attracted over 1,750 merchants generating exports and re-exports estimated to be worth more than $11 billion in revenue per year.

Colon is also the location for Panama's major cruise ports. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Panama tourists have arrived at Colon 2000 and Terminal 6, the two new cruise passenger terminals at this Panamanian city's Atlantic Coast.

The Caribbean beaches of Colon are quite beautiful and the area abounds with different kinds of plant and animal life. This Panamanian city is filled with history dating back to early Spanish Colonial days. Map of Panama is blessed with stunning coral reefs here, which create excellent snorkeling and diving for Panama tourists and local visitors alike.

Costa Abajo

Located in the province of Colon, the Panamanian town of Costa Abajo finds its place on the map of Panama just west of the Panama Canal along the Caribbean Ocean. The entire region abounds with outdoor recreational opportunities. Starting with the main attraction, the calm waters of the Caribbean, the features of Costa Abajo include the Achiote Road Bird Haven, the San Lorenzo National Park, the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal and the trans-isthmian trail used before the construction of the Panama Canal. This area is great for fresh and saltwater fishing, river and lake kayaking, horseback riding, hiking and bird watching.

Gatun Lake

The key to the entire Panama Canal project is Gatun Lake. This lake is a reservoir formed by the Chagres River. To create Gatun Lake, a gigantic dam was built between two mountains, 8,400 feet long and a half mile wide at the base. The result was the largest artificial lake in the world; Gatun Lake is slightly larger than Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

With a surface area of 164 square miles, a shore line of 1,100 miles and a capacity of 183 billion cubic feet, Gatun Lake has an elevation 85 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, which can easily be seen from its distance of about six miles. Gatun Lake is an excellent Panamanian location for freshwater fishing is home to several Indian reserves, as well as an island by the name of Barro Colorado, which is the home of a Smithsonian research center. Such a location has obvious investment possibilities due to its wide variety of outdoor activities.

La Guaira

Approximately two hours from Panama City, La Guaira is a beautiful stretch of Atlantic property located on the Caribbean shores. The beaches of La Guaira are gorgeous and boast beautiful coral reefs which are renown for diving and snorkeling.

In the vicinity the Panamanian town of La Guaira it is possible to find numerous small resorts and dive stops; there are also several popular surf breaks where surf competitions are occasionally held. There is also a very rich history associated with the waters off and near La Guaira including the belief that the famed pirate Sir Francis Drake was buried in a lead coffin near this area. With its beautiful oceanfront location and wealth of outdoor activities, this location would be an excellent site for a resort development or other investment property.


Palenque is famous for its lush, tropical landscapes, crystal clear waters, and a Caribbean atmosphere which make the area of Palenque very attractive as a Panama real estate investment.

Only three hours from Panama City, Palenque offers some of the most beautiful coral and sand beaches of any Atlantic property along Panama's coast. Here, lucky property owners can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, world class fishing and of course, the famous San Blas Islands.

Santa Rita and Sabanitas

Santa Rita and Sabanitas two Panamanian towns that are only a few minutes apart on the map of Panama, but combined they are simply an excellent location for investing. Here you will find a supermarket, a pharmacy, a first-aid clinic, fire and police departments plus other amenities. Just 15 minutes farther up the road is the city of Colon and a domestic airport; 30 minutes in another direction are beaches of Portobello and Nombre de Dios. Travel 45 minutes westward toward the Pacific and you will find Panama City. With this ideal location, Santa Rita and Sabanitas are poised for substantial investment growth, as is shown by the existing development of Sierra Llorano, an excellent resort for those who relish being in the great outdoors.


Portobello is a town along Panama's Caribbean coast that holds much historical significance. Spain used it as a shipping center for sending treasure from South American back to the motherland and because of this, pirates such as the infamous Henry Morgan were actively involved in the town. A number of forts were built to protect this natural harbor and the remains of the forts of Santiago and San Geronimo still exist and serve as interesting attractions for Panama tours.

The church of San Felipe is home to the city's most prized treasure, a beautiful statue of Jesus of Nazareth. Because of the rich, dark wood that was used for the statue, it was called the "Black Christ". A parade is held here every year on October 21st in honor of the statue.

With its notoriety, history and proximity to the ocean, Portobello is an excellent location for finding Atlantic property.

Nombre de Dios

Nombre de Dios is Spanish for "Name of God"; this name was given to the town by Christopher Columbus in 1502. Nombre de Dios is a charming and friendly village, with the tranquil waters of Bah´┐Ża de San Cristobal in one direction and a lush tropical forest and mountains in the other direction. This view and the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea await the people who own Atlantic property in Nombre de Dios.

Along the map of Panama, cities dot the entire Atlantic coast and are they are ready for an incredible growth period. Because much of this coast experiences less variation between high and low tides than locations along Panama's Pacific coast, the waters are more tranquil and have a crystal-clear quality that is virtually unrivaled. The Panamanian towns along the entire coast are ready to be discovered and the prices for investment and development near these Atlantic coast cities in Panama will never be better.

And, if this is not exciting enough well, not many people saw this coming back when power was being wrested from Manuel Noriega back in 1989; what was then a sleepy Panamanian town would explode into a true international city. Panama City has done that and more. Not only does this Panama location attract the rich and famous to visit and enjoy, it has become a haven for corporations and those interested in investing and banking in a place determined to protect their identities. Panama City is all of this and more.

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