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Gorgona - The Perfect Location for a Pacific Vacation

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Gorgona has a Panama location along the strip of small Pacific coastal cities that dot the map of Panama along the Interamerican Highway as it winds westward out of Panama City. This area is located approximately 10 minutes away from the better known Panama town of Coronado, a fact that works to the advantage of Gorgona. Being so close to the amenities and activities of these other areas, Gorgona can simply concentrate on being a peaceful, enjoyable beach.

A Sweet Panama Location

Gorgona is the perfect Panama location for some beautiful beachfront property. Part of the beachfront areas here feature incredible white sands while others have the darker sand that is typical of volcanic areas. This variety only makes the shores of Gorgona that much more appealing for a Panama vacation. This is an excellent area for swimming, sailboarding and simply relaxing on the beach.

Perfect Pacific Vacation

While Gorgona enjoys the peacefulness that comes from being less developed than its neighbors, it also benefits from the amenities that its neighbors possess. Positioned between the Panama towns of Coronado and Farallon, Gorgona has quick access to everything these two towns have to offer, making it the perfect location for a Pacific vacation.


Coronado possesses all of the amenities of beachfront real estate that you find anywhere on the map of Panama; warm climate, incredible natural beauty and a very reasonable cost of living. What separates Coronado and Punta Barco from other destinations is timing; Coronado was Panama's first vacation destination for weekend trips and resort development, and because of this it already has the features that other locations hope to have. Currently it is possible to find such amenities as supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants of every type and price, medical and veterinary clinics, gardening centers, hardware stores, banks, and outdoor markets.

There is a wealth of things to do in this Panama town, starting with Coronado's centerpiece, a Tom Fazio designed, 18 hole golf course. This championship golf course and resort complex includes tennis courts, a spa, numerous restaurants and bars, conference rooms and play areas. In addition, Coronado now is home to a newly built equestrian club that has world-class equine facilities including air conditioned stalls.


Farallon also boast an infrastructure of stores, groceries, restaurants and other businesses that make it a self-sufficient town. In addition, the beachfront property here has become a hot spot for resorts that cater to the Panama vacation industry. Such resorts and residential communities as the Decameron Resort, Barcelo Resort, Vista Mar and Buena Ventura have added to the allure of the area and encouraged development of stores, restaurants and casinos.

Investment Opportunities in Gorgona

The combination of what Gorgona has, and doesn't have, makes this a logical Panama location for the next wave of investment in beachfront property. Within an hour of Panama City, situated between larger Panamanian towns with established attractions and infrastructure and still possessing its peaceful beach, this area is both bustling and tranquil. Investment will likely increase as those that come for Panama vacations realize they can actually own a piece of this beautiful section of Pacific coastline.

For anyone considering a visit to a Panama location, a Pacific vacation to Gorgona can be the ideal destination. In the midst of beautiful beachfront property, this small, Panamanian town enjoys the convenience of the amenities in the nearby cities, but it still has the benefits of being a quiet, beach town.

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