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El Valle, Panama Real Estate

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An ideal spot to purchase real estate in Panama is El Valle. A picturesque, verdant mountain town just two hours from Panama City, El Valle is a great escape from the hustle and heat of the city. El Valle de Anton, known simply as El Valle, has a geologically unique setting. It's nestled in the second largest volcano crater in the world, a five by three mile crater created when a volcano blew its top off five million years ago.

The result was a lovely steep valley surrounded by jagged mountain peaks and rich volcanic soil that gives way to flowers and verdant forest as a result. Consider purchasing real estate in El Valle, Panama. This is the kind of spot that Central Americans refer to when they talk about living along the ridgeline of the mountains in the land of eternal spring.

In El Valle you can horseback ride or relax in the water from the local hot springs. People have been enjoying this area for at least hundreds of years if not thousands as evidenced by the pre Colombian rock drawings, or petroglyphs, on huge boulders outside of town.

Bird watching is a local sport as El Valle is considered one of Panama's best birding areas. In fact, bird watching part of the local tourist industry with a local hotel dedicated to birders.

This highland getaway is only two hours from Panama City by car making it an easily accessible vacation spot for North Americans. Buy vacation real estate in El Valle Panama and you might find yourself moving here. Many Americans have already retired here. Should you think of staying, check into Panama's residency laws. Like many foreigners you will find that a pension of $500 a month plus $100 per dependent allows you to take out papers and stay forever. Other means to achieve residency include buying property of sufficient value or buying a CD in a Panamanian bank. Think El Valle, Panama real estate. Think of living in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

The Value of Real Estate in El Valle, Panama

A five bedroom home with maid's quarters sells for $2,000,000 and a three bedroom three and a half bath with 340 sq meters living space for $550,000. A three bedroom, three bath 340 square meters real estate in El Valle, Panama sells for $600,000.

Other El Valle, Panama real estate includes a three bedroom home with 205 square meters living space for $275,000 and a two bedroom, two bathroom 190 square meters living space home for $250,000.

And a three bedroom, one bathroom, 150 square meters real estate bargain in El Valle, Panama sells for $100,000.

El Valle, Panama Real Estate and Real Estate in Panama in General

There are abundant reasons to buy real estate in Panama. The tax climate is good in that US income is not taxed and new construction is exempt from property taxes for 20 years. The country's infrastructure is the best in Latin America due to longstanding and continuing foreign investment. Panama is in an economic boom likely to last for years, bringing wider spread prosperity to this already prosperous country. Panama has a great tropical climate and no hurricanes. Buying real estate in El Valle, Panama combines all of the reasons to buy in Panama with the reason you want to live in Panama. You want to buy in El Valle because it is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled places you can find. Buy real estate in El Valle, Panama and live the life of your dreams.

El Valle

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