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Caribbean Property for Sale in Panama, Preserved Natural Beauty and First World Economy

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Caribbean Property of Sale in Panama

From Bocas del Toro to Colon City there is Panama Caribbean property for sale at great prices. Despite the price increases of the last few years Caribbean property for sale in Panama still beats values for comparable properties in the US, Europe or the rest of the Caribbean.

There is Caribbean property for sale in the world famous tourist destination of Bocas del Toro. This Panama real estate includes mainland lots and island beach front property. There is still land to develop including entire islands. Keep in mind that Panama forgives property taxes for the first twenty years on new construction. In the Bocas del Toro Archipelago you can travel by ferry to your secluded beachfront property and return to visit Bocas Town for an evening's entertainment.

For those seeking more adventure there is Caribbean property for sale in the Panama province of Veraguas. These remote locations allow you to escape to a remote tropical world distant from the cares of the world but only a few hours from the nearest Panamanian city.

In Colon Province, Panama, there are white sandy beaches, great sailing, as well as great shopping in the Duty Free Zone in Colon City.

Caribbean property for sale in Panama, especially in Colon Province is expected to increase dramatically in value year by year after the new main highway connection from Panama City to Colon is completed. There are still areas of untouched natural beauty up and down the Caribbean coast of Panama waiting for you.


Panama is the land bridge that connects North and South America and home of the Panama Canal. This country has a democratic government and what business publications describe as a "first world infrastructure." The Balboa is tied 1:1 to the US dollar and, in fact, paper currency here is the dollar. You do not have to change currency at the airport or work out exchange rates in your head while shopping in Panama. Speaking of shopping the cities have malls to equal the USA and the Duty Free Zone in Colon is second in size only to Hong Kong. Caribbean property for sale in Panama can be paid for directly with US dollars.

If you looking for Caribbean property for sale in Panama in order to retire here, Panama has easy residency requirements. $500 for yourself and $100 per dependent allows you to reside here indefinitely. As you settle into a "tranquilo" lifestyle just remember to renew your visa every five years. If you purchase a parcel of Caribbean property for sale in Panama for over $200,000 this qualifies you for a "person of means" visa which likewise allows long term residency.

If you buy Caribbean property for sale in Panama and retire here expect many discounts for your retired status. This applies to Panamanians as well as foreign residents. It starts with your own line at the bank and other institutions and proceeds to discounts at restaurants and for prescription medications. Doctor visits are discounted too. And many of the physicians are US or European trained.

Panama is in the midst of a long term economic boom tied to foreign investment, expansion of the Panama Canal and numerous other infrastructure improvements. Expect Panama to protect its natural environment and at the same time improve road access to its natural wonders throughout the country. Also expect that any Caribbean property for sale in Panama today will continue to appreciate in value for years to come.

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