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Banking and Financing

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Once considered a sleepy, Caribbean tax haven, Panama has come of age. Riding the construction boom that has been going on in the country, the Panamanian government has created a world-class Panama banking system. With its strict privacy laws and openness to foreign investment, Panama real estate financing is experiencing unparalleled success. Panama property financing is open to foreigners as well as nationals and this availability is creating tremendous success throughout Panama.

Panama Banking

Not since Switzerland's rise to banking fame has another country seen banking success like Panama, which is now only second to the Swiss in terms of its banking district. More that 150 foreign banks now have branches in Panama and they have helped to fuel Panama's real estate financing. The country has enacted the most stringent identity protection laws in the world and with all of the foreign investment, Panama property financing has soared to new heights.

Panama Real Estate Financing

Unlike most other countries, if a foreigner wants to purchase property in Panama, he or she has a constitutional right to do so. This freedom has helped to make Panama not only one of the best investment locations in the world, but one of the best retirement locations as well.

Panama Identity Protection Aids Panama Property Financing

Panama has become so much more that just a tax haven. The business world has found identity protection in Panama to be a force in stimulating investment and this investment has translated to a growing Panama property financing business.

Panama Banking and Financing - serving the world

Panama's banking and financing services have literally been serving the world. With excellent services and protection, Panama banking has drawn investors to the country and helped them to conduct business securely. This growth has propelled Panama to new heights in the business world.

Hedge Funds Boom in Panamanian Currency

A hedge fund is the financial support that is brought into play by wealthy private investors or institutions, which have a limit of 100 investors by law. Many such investors exist in Panama and you can be one of them to reap the benefits of the growing economy of Panama based on the stability of the Panamanian currency. However, a minimum contribution of $1m is required usually to venture into any hedge fund in Panama. Let's dig into some of the other facts regarding hedge funds. More

The World's New Home for Identity Protection

Panama is the world's new home to the asset and identity protection. Although privacy has been restricted in other countries, Panama has moved to ensure that citizens, foreigners and corporations all enjoy the highest level of protection. Panama banks play a fundamental role in the country's privacy structure as well, providing the most secure banking available in the entire world. These banks are the final piece necessary for successfully creating a private environment for personal and corporate needs. More

Investment Diversification and Panama's Tax Haven Myth

Successful business people are usually very intelligent. These people know how to find a profitable business venture and they know how to see a bad one. Many such people have spotted the fact that Panama investment and banking are excellent deals. Once just a tax haven, Panama is now among the world leaders as a strong offshore banking entity and a business district that encourages and enables Panama investment diversification. The myth of a Panama tax haven being the only opportunity in town no longer exists as business leaders make their move to Panama for investment diversification needs. More

Panama as a Tax Haven

Because of a number of strategic decisions by its government, Panama is a tax haven that is the perfect offshore destination for investment. Panama's tax laws have made it the choice of individuals and companies as they become aware of the benefits and privileges of Panama's tax haven status. Panama corporations and Panama foundations, coupled with Panamanian banks, form the very best in asset and identity protection and the country has become the best place in the world for offshore investment. More

Panama Banking and Legal Services

Panama is a country that is being talked about much in the international community for a number of different reasons. Panama's dustries of tourism, real estate, business services, and investment services attract much foreign money each year. More

Panama Banking - The Force behind the Success of Panama Real Estate Financing

Panama is a land rich in a number of different areas and fields. Whether you are interested in investments in Panamanian real estate, visiting Panama on vacation, or are seeking to retire in Panama, there are many options available for many different people. Many business services utilize the U.S. dollar as the Panamanian currency through Panama banks and investment services. More

Panama Foundations and Asset Protection

As governments in many countries have undermined their own privacy laws, people are searching to find privacy and security for their information, both personal and corporate. While this protection is currently the popular topic in both corporate and private sectors, the trust structures of many countries have either been weakened or dramatically changed. In light of these invasions of privacy, offshore banking has become the better option in many countries and the best country for both offshore banking and asset protection is Panama. More

Panamanian Banks and Laws

In the intensely bright sun, the skyscrapers in the center of modern-day Panama City gives the appearance of miniature version of Manhattan. In stark contrast, however, is the fact that Panama is the second largest banking center in the entire world. With more that 150 banks from over 35 countries, trails only Switzerland in international banking. The Republic of Panama has taken an active role in protecting Panamanian currency from money laundering and funding of international terrorism. Panamanian banks lead the world in the combination of security and size of market and are especially valued for Panama real estate financing. More

Taxes in Panama

Panama is a country that encourages foreign investment and has long been known for being a reliable tax haven and for its safe Panama banking. In 1998 they passed the Investment Stability Law, which protects foreign investors from changes in tax, customs, municipal and labor rules for 10 years from the date an investment is registered. Other advantages include no taxes for foreign-earned income, a 15 year exemption on Panama property taxes for newcomers who buy or build a new house and retirees get a one time exemption of duties for importing up to 10,000 worth of household goods. More

Banks are Stable in Midst of Global Financial Crisis

In the midst of a global financial crisis Panama just appointed a new banking supervisor. Olegario Barrelier, a banker with years of experience noted that Panama does not rely on "external funding" for its capital markets, that Panama's banking system is stable, and that Panama's banks did not suffer the huge losses experienced elsewhere in the global financial network. More

Labor Unrest and Strikes in Panama

The stable and democratic tropical country of Panama is facing the possibility of widespread social unrest and labor strikes. Steadily rising food and housing costs are eating up any increase in salary that the average Panamanian gets. The poor are being left behind. Despite generous benefits to those purchasing new housing and government mandated discounts for retirees there are a lot of problems for the government to address. More

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