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The True Colors of Multicolored Panamanian Culture

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Panamanian culture has come a long way with the native Indian people in the beginning, the colonial era settlements and currently the multi-race communities. The outcome is the bundle of cultures that it holds. The country's culture is as diverse as it could have been. Whether it is the Spanish influence or the North American culture that thrives mainly in the Panama Canal region, Panamanian culture is varied and well merged; it indeed sits pretty with a whole lot of influences that have even curbed Panama customs to say the least. In fact, Panama activities, religion, music, dance, festivities, literature and even cuisine speak all of that.

If you look into the matter then you will find that the co-existence of the many influences in this culture is strongly obvious in how the people of Panama lead their lives. People inhabiting the urban areas, particularly the Panama Canal area (where the US army was based in the days when the construction work of the Canal was under progress), lead refined, sophisticated lives. Be it in the field of art, architecture, music or sports, the cities represent a contemporary society where the US influence is much-too apparent.

Regional Influences on Panamanian Culture

Cattle ranches with horses and Spanish folk songs are an integral part of the country's culture, which continues to be the vice-like grip of Hispanic culture. The native people of Panama restricted in the small land pockets here and there also continue to add massively to the rich culture. Thus, the netted bags and beaded necklaces made by the Guaymí people and the brightly embroidered textiles called Molas (made by Kuna women) have brought Panama's artwork and handicrafts international acknowledgment. Moreover, the epic poems (extending to some hundreds or thousands of lines) of the Kuna people focus another aspect of the Panamanian culture.

You will also know that Dance and music are the other great examples of the joyful matrimony of diverse cultures in Panama. Thus, the traditional dance Tamborito introduced by the Spanish invaders borrows steps and rhythms from native dance forms. What's more the influence of Afro-Caribbean music and that of other popular local music like salsas cannot be missed. Though Spanish is the preferred language for compositions, the themes, plots and even characters have their roots steeped in the multi-hued Panamanian culture.

The Spiritual Effect of Panama Religion

The religion of Panama has also undergone influences. The many festivities held year-round in Panama like the Carnaval or carnival, Festival of the Black Christ, Fair of Azuero, Semana Santa (or Easter Week), too uphold the land's cultural diversity. Most of the festivals are excellent blending of Pagan and Catholic beliefs and rituals.

Panamanian culture holds diverse cultures in a harmonious way. It is amazing how a place like Panama can maintain a fine balancing act with so many cultures in hand. If you go through some of the historical places in Panama, you will surely know the strongholds of Panamanian culture.

The Cultural Effect of Panama Activities

Panama is a country loaded with interesting activities from sports to wildlife to religious events. Whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, a religious festival or a sultry evening at a provincial baseball game, each of these Panamanian activities holds a special interest for the people of this proud country.

Visiting Panama

Whether you visit Panama as a tourist or make plans to stay as a resident, you will now realize the significance of Panama culture on the lives of the people living here. Panama activities and religion have a proud and storied history and the country is a better place of their influence.

The Panamanian Golden Frog is the national emblem of nature and a unique Panama attraction. This frog can be found almost on anything such as lottery tickets, souvenir shirts and Panama tourism brochures. Few of the remaining populations of the endangered Panamanian Golden Frog, Atelopus zeteki can be found at the slopes of the Central Cordilleran rainforest of west-central Panama.

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